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    7Artpresso: Movement from An Art Workstudio, and The Practice of Recreation

    A.Sudjud Dartanto, 
    Exhibition Writer, ArskalaScript Editor and Lecturer at FSR ISI Yogyakarta

    He is Noor Asif, artist and also the owner and manager of the coffee shop “Coffeewae” Yogyakarta that has the initiative to invite 7 influential artists from Yogyakarta, which are Ali Basarudin aka Ali “Vespa,” Arya Pandjalu, Bayu Widodo, Budi “Bodhonk'' Prakoso, Hendra “Blankon” Priyadhani, Octo Cornelius Triandriatno, and Stefanus Endry Pragusta.

    They responded to a seven-sided coffee brewer by Noor Asif into an art piece, this device is called “Blackanswered” using a stainless aluminium material, “black” means black coffee, and “answered” as an answer, this device is an espresso machine and can produce foam (frothing). There is a social and symbolic mission behind the creation of this device that works without the need for electricity, which is that the machine can be used by anyone, especially by the people in faraway regions that lack electricity. With its seven sides (“pitu” in Javanese), Noor Asif hopes for this device to be a form of “pitulungan” or aid for anyone, from baristas to the various kinds of people and coffee lovers. In the midst of the practice of fine artwork production that is mainly oriented to creating artworks, I think that this is the first time that a breakthrough from the coffee world happens, especially from a coffee
    production and processing machine that becomes not only a processing device, but also as a new work of art.

    This production phenomenon is interesting,

    first, this art exhibition is a result of the meeting of two worlds, the culinary world of coffee and the world of visual art, where the culinary world of coffee that is close to the coffee lifestyle meets with the world of visual art creation.

    Second, that meeting opens various other meetings, which are the meeting of the world of product design with the world of fine art especially in three-dimensional art in the sense of sculpture art, applied and modification design and product arrangement.

    Third, seeing from the art results made from these artists show signs of extended impersonification, after Noor Asif made the first model, next the modelling was done by the artists invited. This practice of extended modelling is dialogic, because the forms of personification that are shown from the characteristic and tradition of creation from each artist shows a spirit of collaboration.

    We can see it from every art piece created from the work studio of each artist. The material “Blackanswered” that is made from steel with a modern construction look shows its material position in the industrial culture, not of the larger manufacture industry kind, but of the micro-industry that is made in limited quantities and therefore special. This context then becomes the general background in the “assembling” approach in responding to “Blackanswered.” Ali Vespa responded using industrial waste material as he usually does using various modification techniques, Arya Pandjalu derives inspiration from the working women behind the coffee agriculture industry through the medium of ceramics, Bayu Widodo starts from his way of drawing subjects in the industry and applying it via new construction methods, Budi “Bodhonk” modifies “Blackanswered” using machinery construction
    imagery as he usually does in doing modern custom motorbikes, Hendra “Blankon” responded to “Blackanswered” using the practice of “assembling” via found objects especially using industrially-made toys with the dadaistic spirit, Octo responded to it with the philosophy of assembly using wood as he does in his work, and Endry Pragusta modifies it with a retro-futuristic “steampunk” aesthetic
    approach, where form-wise he is interested in the form of “mini-sculpture.” Using those various ways and work methods, we can see the continuation of imagination, recreation of form, and new and interesting techniques. This is the practice of personification that is interesting from an espresso machine into an art piece with philosophical and artistic weight.

    This work studio context for me personally is interesting, because there is an underlying similarity that is visible from the entirety of this production process in the midst of the practice of product fabrication that often results in a product that is uniform and massively-made.

    This production result from the artist’s work studio shows the phenomenon of the practice of individuation, at this point emerges the expression that is created by these art workers.There is a game on the shift of position of an artist's significance from one that usually works in the autonomous realm of creation into a relational one. That relationality happens when the invited artists respond to the product made by Noor Asif as a trigger. With the invitation of artists outside of Noor Asif’s work
    studio to respond to “Blackanswered” signifies the product “Blackanswered” as an “open text”
    in the context of this exhibition, where in the hands of these invited artists “Blackanswered” will be intertextualized. This is that very exciting and fun game.

    We can imagine when the art piece that is full of symbolic meaning will be responded to by the artist from each of their workstudios. First, the artists need to understand the background to the function of the product all the way to its symbolic meaning, second, the artists sees a connection between the components and parts from “Blackanswered,” observing the logic of the interconnectivity between said components and understand its construction in its entirety, third, the artists then imagine about the
    response of what will be made. At that stage, the artist will then realize the value of appreciation in the practice of expanding its form and symbolic meaning while still anchoring its main function of “Blackanswered” as a coffee processing device.

    We can imagine when the art piece that is full of symbolic meaning will be responded to by the artist from each of their workstudios. First, the artists need to understand the background to the function of
    the product all the way to its symbolic meaning, second, the artists sees a connection between the realms of expression and application, the realm of expression is when the expression from Noor Asif is then elaborated on by the expressions of the artist, and the realm of application is when that expression cannot lose the main function of “Blackanswered.”

    The result of that phase are several forms, techniques, and concepts that are varied from this art piece in an exhibition room specially-made by Noor Asif, this is of course an important contribution for the development of exhibition space in Yogyakarta as the infrastructural ground for visual arts. It can be said, the artworks in this exhibition has important value in the midst of the development of visual, design, and applied arts, this important meaning lies in the spirit of relationality as previously explained above, that this exhibition has symbolic solidarity value from the “art worker class” in the
    context of an artist initiative. I say to this exhibition forum that this exhibition actually has the potential as a form of a movement of an artist’s studio practice that intensely works in a workspace.
    Different from a painting studio that works with a creative tradition of “image making,” working in a
    three-dimensional art work studio involves the practice of craftsmanship as a skill.

    In this kind of practice lies an underlying ideological background, which is in the meaning of work.
    Generally the artists involved here don't involve the aid of the artisans, but rather done independently. In this context, we can see the strong signature characteristics that come from the artwork made by these artists. This exhibition shows the spirit of the art workstudio movement that is interesting from artists outside the manufacturing industry. The artists involved in this exhibition are those that intensely work in studio work and care about works of emancipation, this point is also interesting to me in this exhibition. In this “game,” there is no master nor worker, the product of “Blackanswered” experiences a recreation together with all the will and creativity of its artists. Let us enjoy it.

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