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    Blackanswered first drew its breath several years ago as the answer to a problem. As written in its name, that problem is one owned by coffee lovers and coffee shop owners that requires a coffee brewing device that is simple and affordable without sacrificing the quality of a strong cup of coffee. After two years of research and experimentation, a coffee brewing machine was created, one that offers the quality of an automatic coffee machine that is conventionally used at coffee shops without all the complexities that those conventional machines bring. Without requiring a spark of electricity nor troublesome maintenance, Blackanswered can live by giving life. The spirit of Blackanswered exists in the cups of delicious coffee that it serves everyday.

    In the process of Blackanswered’s creation, several aspects were considered. Other than the functional aspect of a competent product, it also has a philosophical aspect in mind. For example, the creation of Blackanswered’s water tank that was given seven sides is a kind of prayer in the form of the number seven or “pitu” that in Javanese has a philosophy that means “pitulungan” or aid. In line with its
    name, Blackanswered was born as a form of “pitulungan” or aid towards the issues that exist. After several years holding tight the prayers that was embedded in it, now Blackanswered has reinvented that philosophy of the number seven into a new form.

    “Pitulungan'' can be interpreted as the spirit of collaboration, friendship, and dialogue, Blackanswered utters. This new meaning then becomes the basis of his initiative to create collaboration with new companions. This initiative is the starting point of 7Artpresso Art Exhibition, a place for collaboration between Blackanswered with seven influential artists to together mold into something entirely new.

    Bringing the unique artist’s characteristic that each has, 7Artpresso is a media to combine the characteristic of each artist with the unique traits of Blackanswered that in itself has aesthetic properties. This art exhibition becomes the manifestation of the same philosophy in a different medium of storytelling.

    We thank The One Almighty God, fellow artist collaborators that have worked alongside Blackanswered, and also all supporting parties that have together aided in creating and successfully launching 7Artpresso Art Exhibition. Other than that, we also are very thankful to you for your attendance and for becoming a witness to the continuation of Blackanswered’s tale. We hope to always be able to continue the story of Blackanswered, and may all of you join us to enjoy the fruits of our labor together.


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