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    1. Online Exhibition Opening

    The exhibition is opened online through our instagram page @coffeewae_jogja. It is opened by The Head of Tourism DIY and marks the start of 7Artpresso art exhibition.

    2. Blackanswered Shot Experience

    You can come to 7Artpresso and directly experience a shot of espresso made using our signature Blackanswered espresso maker. This event is made in partnership with Koffiesome and Satt Coffee Roaster.

    3. 7Artpresso Art Exhibition

    7Artpresso Art Exhibition is a collaboration between Coffeewae and seven influential artist in responding to Blackanswered, Coffeewae's signature espresso maker. The gallery is located in Coffeewae's own exhibition room, The Artpresso Room.

    4. Artist on Stage

    Each of 7Artpresso's artist collaborators will present the concept and result of their respective work of art with a practical demonstration of the functionality of Blackanswered espresso maker still intact.
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